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Ultrasound standard thermal paper.

Standard black & white thermal paper.

  • Description

    Ultrasound High Gloss Thermal Paper.
    Black & white type V, high density, glossy, thermal image paper.

    Provides exceptional image detail and superb resolution making it ideal for ultrasound and for unique "first baby photo".

    Exhibits great contrast and hue in multiple shades of grey giving precision images. Boarders and end lines can be properly distinguished resulting in clearer images. Paper surface is resistant to abrasion producing long-lasting printouts with no loss of detail or contrast.
    Assurance of high quality print out, minimising overall material and supply costs.
    110mm x 18mm. Approximately 240 pictures per roll.

    10 rolls per box.

    Compatible with the following printer types:   

        •  UP-860CE
        •  UP-890CE
        •  UP-895CE
        •  UP-D860E
        •  UP-D890 
        •  UP-895

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