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Medical and dental supplies connectmed
Medical and dental supplies connectmed wiedent esthetic teeth


Three-layer anatomically shaped teeth with fluorescent effect.

Manufactured from top grade, highly cross-linked acrylics – extra straight and hard.

Available  in Vita® shade A1-D1.

Wiedent teeth are used by prosthodontists in all European countries and the USA. They perfectly imitate natural teeth consisting of 3 layers with fluorescence effect and anatomical shape with extra strength and hardness.

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Medical and dental supplies connectmed wiedent esthetic teeth cabinet


WIEDENT 10-drawer teeth cabinet
provides storage space for up to 420 anterior or 280 posterior teeth sets.

Facilitate to organize workplace in dental lab.
Has 10 drawers with special plastic inserts.

Available in 3 kinds of inserts
- 42 sets of anterior teeth
- 28 sets of posterior teeth
- 28 sets of anterior and 14 sets of posterior teeth


Stackable cabinets.
Plastic inserts ensure optimum presentation of readily and correctly accessible tooth sets.
Labels included to allow straightforward marking of the drawer handles.
Clear arrangement and functionality make it so much easier to find the required tooth set and to replenish the tooth stock.

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